Residential House Cleaning

Face it—over time, we all accumulate lots of dust and grime in our home or office. Dirty laundry, having an unmade bed, and having your dishes piling up in the sink is not only gross to look at- it can affect the way you feel about yourself.

Good House Cleaning is a family owned, full service home cleaning company that offers Westchester County homeowners with award winning home cleaning services. We have been in the cleaning and cleanout business since 1999. Most importantly, we continue to build a solid reputation with all of our customers.

Our job is not complete until you are fully satisfied with the results, and all of our services are guaranteed. And, whatever your cleaning needs are or budget, we'll work with you to make sure you get exactly the results you want.

If you are looking for a home cleaning service professional here in Westchester County, we have a dedicated team of professionals that will meet with you and evaluate the type of service you need. They will go over the details with you, discuss your options, and work with what fits within your budget. We realize our customers don't want to get locked into lengthy contracts. Sometimes when you're stuck in a cleaning contract, the quality of your cleanings can deteriorate over time. We respect and value each and every customer we work with by letting them choose when we should return back to work.

Here at Good House Cleaning, we make sure that we arrive to your home or office on time, and work quietly with little distraction. We can perform daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly scheduled cleanings. Whether you have an apartment, house, office, or construction site that needs cleaning or cleanout services, Good House Cleaning Service is the company to call.

Our Services Include:

  • Thoroughly clean all rooms
  • Dust and polish all surfaces
  • Vacuum all carpeted areas and throw rugs
  • Mop or hand wash all hardwood floors and tiled areas
  • Make beds daily and change your towels and linens as desired
  • Organize and pick-up the living areas
  • Receive and put away your dry cleaning
  • Clean your kitchen daily after meals, as well as washing the dishes
  • Maintain your special service-ware (silver, china, crystal)

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